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Securikey Launches New Products

Just in  - another two great additions to the Securikey range of products, a high security postbox which is available in two sizes and the advanced keysafe 80 electronic key cabinet

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Avocet ABS Anti-Snap Lock Review

In this piece, we shall be looking at the Avocet ABS lock and find out whether or not it is all it’s cracked up to be in terms of security. Designed to retro fit to all composite and uPVC (Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) doors, the ABS is an anti–snap lock which combats lock snapping. It makes use of a dimple style key similar to the CISA Astral S. Unlike all other dimple keys, ABS dimple keys come with a small magnet pressed into the locks and it plays a vital role in ensuring high level of security.

Likewise, the pins found inside ABS locks are much similar to those inside a lot of other common locks but ABS has a magnetic pin usually raised into position by the magnet in the key. This therefore, makes picking the lock a task to beat and as at the moment, the cylinder is impossible to bump open. The Avocet ABS does not only reach the sold secure diamond standard, but also the British standard, no wonder it is widely used in the UK. It comes with triple keys plus a key registration card which must always be retained in the event of the need for extra keys cut.

The snap safe sacrificial point built in to the external side of the ABS cylinder barrel is designed to snap off whenever it’s attacked by burglars thus leaving the cylinder safe. It is now common with cylinders to have sacrificial points built in but where the ABS comes to the fore is under a prolonged cylinder attack. With the right tools, a tad knowledge and effort, most snap safe cylinders could be broken at the frail spot (in the middle) but the Avocet ABS built in patented anti–snap technology which locks the cam of the cylinder prevents access to the locking mechanism thus deterring the door from being opened.

Our Verdict

The Avocet ABS anti–snap lock is a safe and secure euro cylinder and it is definitely all it’s cracked up to be on the security front as it shuts out even the most strong–minded burglars. Experts at Central Locksmiths have tested the cylinder with the same techniques and tools that burglars do commonly try to use and the Avocet ABS stood up to the test and lots more. The ABS could have a smoother action as they can feel a bit grinding or jerky sometimes and reliability could be better as we’ve seen a couple of faulty ones though. But over all, it is a very good anti–snap lock.

Should you like for Central Locksmiths to fit Avocet ABS anti–snap locks and/or Millenco keys to your home or business place, we would be glad to oblige. We will supply and fit any make of your choice. All you need to do is just to drop us a line via email, phone or fax. You can also get in touch with our Locksmiths Surrey services.

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What is the difference between keyed alike or master-keyed ?

Most locks are only opened by the specific key assigned to them. However, it can sometimes be convenient to have all locks in a set use the same key or be opened by a single master key.

Keyed Alike

For convenience, many people will buy for example 5 identical locks which all work from the same key. These are known as "Keyed Alike" locks.

Master Key

A "Master Keyed" lock is a unique lock with its own key but part of a larger set. The whole set then can be overridden by what is known as the "Master-Key". For obvious reasons the master-key should be kept secure as an unauthorized copy would compromise the security of the whole set.




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Key Cutting Service

We have the knowledge and technology to cut hundreds of different key styles including code cutting for Cisa Astral S Keys and Millenco Magnum keys and the new high security Avocet ABS keys. All with next day delivery!

We are extremely competative on prices, with no hidden costs! Our Key cutting services include:

  • Keys from Number
  • Keys made to locks
  • Transponder (Chipped) Key Programming
  • Keys made to locks
  • Antique Church Keys
  • Safe Keys

Please call us for any advice!

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Euro Profile Cylinders

My door bolt is the latest in security with lots of locking points such as hooks and a large deadbolt. Will it be secure?
It doesn’t matter how many hooks and deadbolts you have. It’s all down to the Snap Security of the Euro Cylinder. Once the cylinder has been snapped the other secondary security devices are useless as the door can be opened within seconds.
My Euro Cylinder has a British Kitemark will it be snap secure? 
The British Kitemark Standard BS EN 1303: 2005 does not cover Snap Resistance. Only the SS312 Sold Secure Diamond and BSI TS007:2012 3 star accreditation's mean that the euro cylinder is snap secure without the need for additional security handles or cylinder guards.
My Euro Cylinder has sacrificial sections to stop snapping attacks.
Snap off sections will slow down the attack, but only by a couple of seconds. Cylinders with snap lines could be attacked again beyond the shear line again - giving access. Only the patented snap secure locking cam of the ABS lock can provide a total barrier to the locking mechanism.Only 3 star rated and Sold Secure Diamond locks have been tested to stop a snapping attack.
My Euro Cylinder has a “one star rated” British Kitemark will it be snap secure?
No, this lock has not passed the snapping tests which is why it is not three star rated. This lock would require additional security handles or cylinder guards with a 2 star rating. These additional pieces of hardware might not be easy to retro-fit, unlike the ABS lock which is a direct swap.One star locks are not snap secure.
My Euro Cylinder is Insurance Approved will it be Snap Secure?
Check that the lock complies with the new TS007 British Kitemark and that you have a 3 star rated lock or a 1 star lock and 2 star security handle or guard.If your lock only complies to BS EN 1303:2005 or BS 3621 it has not been tested to the new tests included in the TS007:2012 British Kitemark.The new TS007 standard was introduced in 2012 as a result most insurance companies could be in the process of updating policy documentation.
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The new kitemark for cylinder locks

British Kitemark TS007:2012

BSI TS007:2012 is the revised British Kitemark for euro cylinders and security hardware.

This new Kitemark uses criteria of the past Kitemark tests, i.e. BS EN 1303:2005 and BS 3621:2007 and PAS24:2007* but now has additional tests which use a common method of attack known as “lock snapping”.

Euro cylinders and security hardware will now be classified under the TS007 British Kitemark with the use of a star rating system.

Euro cylinders can be rated as one star or three stars and security hardware will be rated as two stars. Cylinders are awarded a three star rating when they have passed all criteria of the TS007 British Standard Kitemark including new lock snapping tests.

A one star rating is given to a cylinder lock that has met criteria of the British Kitemark but has not passed snapping tests. The locks would require additional 2 star rated security hardware to reach a TS007 3 star Kitemark.

At Central Locksmiths we are more than happy to advise you on which lock is most suited for your purpose.

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