Avocet ABS Anti-Snap Lock Review

In this piece, we shall be looking at the Avocet ABS lock and find out whether or not it is all it’s cracked up to be in terms of security. Designed to retro fit to all composite and uPVC (Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) doors, the ABS is an anti–snap lock which combats lock snapping. It makes use of a dimple style key similar to the CISA Astral S. Unlike all other dimple keys, ABS dimple keys come with a small magnet pressed into the locks and it plays a vital role in ensuring high level of security.

Likewise, the pins found inside ABS locks are much similar to those inside a lot of other common locks but ABS has a magnetic pin usually raised into position by the magnet in the key. This therefore, makes picking the lock a task to beat and as at the moment, the cylinder is impossible to bump open. The Avocet ABS does not only reach the sold secure diamond standard, but also the British standard, no wonder it is widely used in the UK. It comes with triple keys plus a key registration card which must always be retained in the event of the need for extra keys cut.

The snap safe sacrificial point built in to the external side of the ABS cylinder barrel is designed to snap off whenever it’s attacked by burglars thus leaving the cylinder safe. It is now common with cylinders to have sacrificial points built in but where the ABS comes to the fore is under a prolonged cylinder attack. With the right tools, a tad knowledge and effort, most snap safe cylinders could be broken at the frail spot (in the middle) but the Avocet ABS built in patented anti–snap technology which locks the cam of the cylinder prevents access to the locking mechanism thus deterring the door from being opened.

Our Verdict

The Avocet ABS anti–snap lock is a safe and secure euro cylinder and it is definitely all it’s cracked up to be on the security front as it shuts out even the most strong–minded burglars. Experts at Central Locksmiths have tested the cylinder with the same techniques and tools that burglars do commonly try to use and the Avocet ABS stood up to the test and lots more. The ABS could have a smoother action as they can feel a bit grinding or jerky sometimes and reliability could be better as we’ve seen a couple of faulty ones though. But over all, it is a very good anti–snap lock.

Should you like for Central Locksmiths to fit Avocet ABS anti–snap locks and/or Millenco keys to your home or business place, we would be glad to oblige. We will supply and fit any make of your choice. All you need to do is just to drop us a line via email, phone or fax. You can also get in touch with our Locksmiths Surrey services.