Euro Profile Cylinders

My door bolt is the latest in security with lots of locking points such as hooks and a large deadbolt. Will it be secure?
It doesn’t matter how many hooks and deadbolts you have. It’s all down to the Snap Security of the Euro Cylinder. Once the cylinder has been snapped the other secondary security devices are useless as the door can be opened within seconds.
My Euro Cylinder has a British Kitemark will it be snap secure? 
The British Kitemark Standard BS EN 1303: 2005 does not cover Snap Resistance. Only the SS312 Sold Secure Diamond and BSI TS007:2012 3 star accreditation's mean that the euro cylinder is snap secure without the need for additional security handles or cylinder guards.
My Euro Cylinder has sacrificial sections to stop snapping attacks.
Snap off sections will slow down the attack, but only by a couple of seconds. Cylinders with snap lines could be attacked again beyond the shear line again - giving access. Only the patented snap secure locking cam of the ABS lock can provide a total barrier to the locking mechanism.Only 3 star rated and Sold Secure Diamond locks have been tested to stop a snapping attack.
My Euro Cylinder has a “one star rated” British Kitemark will it be snap secure?
No, this lock has not passed the snapping tests which is why it is not three star rated. This lock would require additional security handles or cylinder guards with a 2 star rating. These additional pieces of hardware might not be easy to retro-fit, unlike the ABS lock which is a direct swap.One star locks are not snap secure.
My Euro Cylinder is Insurance Approved will it be Snap Secure?
Check that the lock complies with the new TS007 British Kitemark and that you have a 3 star rated lock or a 1 star lock and 2 star security handle or guard.If your lock only complies to BS EN 1303:2005 or BS 3621 it has not been tested to the new tests included in the TS007:2012 British Kitemark.The new TS007 standard was introduced in 2012 as a result most insurance companies could be in the process of updating policy documentation.